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Team Match-up Highlights

What's up, DFS Players? We hope you like our free content. Be sure to share our site with your friends if this site has helped you out. Also, we would welcome your feedback. Please share what it is that you like about our content, what you would like to see that you can't find elsewhere, or anything in general. In this blog entry, I'm going to give you a flavor for the type of analytics are tool is capable of delivering, and how you might use it to gain an edge.

Today's highlighted match-ups: BOS @ MIL and NO @ SAC. Our Team Match-ups sheet from our new tool focuses on the top 10 players from each team and identifies where the best match-ups occur. Looking at the picture below, we see MIL vs BOS. Top right sections are Fantasy Points Allowed (FPA) when @ Home and Fantasy Points Scored (FPS) when @ Home for the Home Team and the same for the Away Team. We also show rankings for each individual scoring category (RBs, ASTs, BLKs, etc.). Let's do some quick analysis.

Below, we can see that MIL gives up 44.7 Rebounds at Home so far this year (18th in the league). BOS is a rebounding unit and grab 50.5 rbs on the road, 2nd in the league overall. In this situation, you would want to look at players from BOS who would benefit from this match-up (Horford, Tatum as a sleeper pick). Also, MIL gives up 55.2 FPS to the SG Position and Marcus Smart has been hot lately. However, he was listed earlier as a GTD. At any rate, this is how you would utilize the match-ups sheet to capitalize on the scenarios.

For the next game we have SAC vs NO. What jumps out at me right away is how many points SAC gives up to the SG position (77.4, worst in the league). Now, it just so happens that NO has very weak SG play at that position, 25 worst in the league, so it might not benefit a guy like E'Twaun Moore. However, if The Brow is out tonight with a knee injury, I would definitely give Moore a look because those points gotta go somewhere...I mean, D-Boogie will definitely get most of them but Moore could also see a bump. But this cuts both ways as NO gives up 53.7 FPS to the SG position and a guy like Buddy Hield might benefit from that. There are several other ways to look at opportunities but I'm just giving you an idea of how to use analytics like these.

Again, we would love to hear your feedback.

Thanks, guys!

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