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Why does a guy like George Hill, PG, of the Utah Jazz go off for a 42.9 Fpts? He averages 28.7 Fppg and has only averaged 22.6 Fppg in the 6 games prior to his March 3rd performance. Also look at Atlanta Hawks' Tim Hardaway Jr.'s board position. Prior to his March 3rd appearance he averaged 16.6 Fpts in the 5 games prior to his March 3rd 40.4 Fpt. performance. Simply take a look at who's positioned at the top of our Match 3rd board for NBA PG & SG Matchups:

It doesn't always shake out this way for various reasons, but the majority time it's a solid player choice. For instance, look at Kyle Korver at the top of the SG going against his previous team. He played a little above his average, but a lot of those SG Fpts went to Kyrie that game who had 65.9 Fpts. We were looking for Kyle to be in the mid-high 30 range. We are currently posting the Best Daily NBA Positional Matchups as a free service. Subscribe to our FREE newsletter & never miss an update: https://www.nbalineups.com/

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