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FanDuel NBA Lineup Results 1/30/17

Last night 6 of 9 FanDuel NBA Lineups hit well over 300. Jake even hit a higher number than the 348 you see on the board below. The other 3 were close to 300 but didn't make our 300 club. The majority of the credit goes to the utilization of our FanDuel Daily NBA Lineups Tool. I put together different variations to show how powerful our tool is. I'm including pictures of all 6 lineups. As you look at the images you will be able to decipher who some of the core guys that were chosen from the Optimizer and/or Matchups Sheet. Take a look see at the following:

Check back every day for posts from Jake and myself during the NBA Season. We work against the clock to obtain and share information with you guys, so you can put together your Optimal NBA Lineup. Always remember when you see my post regarding results, you will see $0. This is because Arizona does not allow Fantasy Sports play for profit yet.

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