top of page takes the guess work out of building your Daily NBA Fantasy Lineups, by providing a customizable optimizer and quality NBA lineups data. The Team & Player Match-Up Boards are streamlined & easy to use. The user-friendly data sets can also be utilized when engaging in the NBA Player Prop betting arena. Combine the data sets with the powerful optimizer & you will without a doubt gain that daily edge you need in order to be more competitive in your play. The data can be applied to any DFS site.

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Lineup Optimizer

Create daily NBA player lineups for the platforms provided. Lock players in or out. Alter a players projected stats. If you would like to generate a large number of lineups, you can do just that and export them to a CSV file and upload them to your Fantasy site of choice.

Lineup Optimizer
Exporting Lineups
Microsoft Excel Optimizer Export file

Take the guess work out of building your lineups. This is  a user-friendly comprehensive list of all daily players organized by position type. Within each position, players are ranked according to their daily situational matchup from Best - Worst.

Screenshot_2019-02-11 Player Match-Up Bo

A detailed and streamlined side-by-side comparison of teams matched up for the day. Quickly and easily identify what a team allows and scores statistically & from a fantasy sports perspective. Outlining Situational stats, Last Three Averages....etc. Simply Download previous Daily Team Match-Up Reports for the entire season by clicking on the 'Download Report' Icon. This option alone without a doubt is worth $7.95 /day!

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Access and analyze any NBA players current and previous season stats. Simply search them by name & click on desired Player's name.

NBA Player List

You want to quickly dive in on a player's stats? Do so with a simple click that will provide you with a complete listing of daily player stats over the entire season, as well as all 82 games from the previous season. You can sort, filter...etc. There are several excel like features that can be accessed with a click of your mouse. You can highlight specific data within any column to quickly identify a player's "Sum" or "Avg".  Membership allows access to Individual player stats throughout the off-season for in depth off-season research.

NBA Player Stat Sheet

As you analyze the streamlined data, you have the ability to create an organized list of your favorite players. You can access your Favorite Player List from any page by expanding or collapsing it by simply clicking on "Favorites". It is always located in the top right-hand corner of each page. Players can be added or removed from your list by simply clicking the like icon. Each player's Fantasy Point Projection (PRJ) can be set as desired.

NBA Favorite Players Sticky Note
Lineup Optimizer
Player Match-Up Board
Team Match-Up Board
Player List
Player Stats
Favorites Sticky Note

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